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Civil League – Optional Subject Course


One of the single most critical decisions, which is often overlooked, is selection of the ‘Optionals’ for the Mains examination. Leveraging our assessment capabilities during the ‘Counselling Session’, the team at Civil League prepares a winning strategy for an aspirant, where focus is on maximizing scores rather than pre-conceived notions of easy, moderate or tough optionals. We, at Civil League, not only assist you in selection of the right Optional subject but also enable its systematic coverage & assessment, thereby embarking on a strategy destined to provide success in UPSC and State Civil Service Examinations.


Civil League equips itself with best in-class faculty, whose credentials are ‘UPSC Examinations Qualified’, ‘PHDs’, ‘Ex-SSBs’ etc. The following optional papers are available from aspirants to choose from:
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Public Administration
  • Political Science
  • Commerce

Course Structure

While each subject has its own distinctions, and systematic approach to each of the Paper-I and Paper-II, Civil League’s methodology enables deep learnings of concepts, enabling the aspirant to confidently represent their thoughts in the form of clear, precise language that displays their expertise. The approach hinges on the following tenets:
  • Comprehensive coverage of broad parameters & each sub-section
  • Multiple & well-defined sources for each paper
  • Inter-linkage of General Studies and Optionals
  • Answers supplemented with learnings of latest reports, indices, convention reports, agreements etc.
  • Comparative analysis between static and dynamic elements of the exam
  • Word limit and time management
  • Critical analysis of questions
  • Illustrative and diagrammatic representation
  • Practice tests
  • Responses relevant to the questions asked instead of pure theoretical response
The course is designed to ensure the aspirant’s time commitment with respect to the Civil Services exam life cycle and is accelerated/paced accordingly to ensure coverage accordingly.

About Civil League

Civil League, as an institution, was conceptualized to arm the modern-day civil services aspirant to realize their dream of entering the prestigious public service by providing them a platform of excellence. Our teachers are best in-class, civil services exam qualified personnel, PHDs, and Ex-SSBs, who know how to inspire and transform. Together with subject matter expertise, adequate blend of technology, we seek to create the world’s best program in every examination category we enter.

At A Glance

  • 6-9 months duration
  • Average of 20 hour per week
  • Max 1:15 Teacher: Pupil Ratio

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