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Civil League – Distance Learning Modules/Correspondence Courses


Unlocking the potential of digital learning, Civil League leverages technology to expand its reach to aspirants who are unable to be physically present for its classroom programs. Flexible, dynamic and customized learning modules are available on request for aspirant’s learning needs.


Each aspirant is provided a thorough and in-depth ‘Counselling Session’ to understand their learning needs and establish a path to success. Fundamental to the core tenets of the Civil League brand, this counselling session is a thorough engagement with the aspirant to unlock their learning potential and steer them to a path that has the highest probability of examination success. Outcome of the counselling session is a ‘Strategic Examination Roadmap’, that places the aspirant in a select group of like-minded peers with the highest propensity to learn concepts based on their potential. The Roadmap outlines which modules will be required for the aspirant to align with the needs and self-learn with the help of detailed modules.

Course Structure

As outlined above, the course structure is completely flexible, and customizable as per the aspirant. The aspirant can choose from a myriad of distance learning modules such as:
  • Preliminary Exam
  • CSAT
  • Mains Exam
  • Optionals
  • General Studies Mains (Paper I-IV or a single paper)
  • Test Series
Even though the aspirant is not physically present, teachers are digitally connected via skype sessions to ensure learning is as per the milestones identified, and challenges to interpret the learning collaterals are addressed in a timely manner.

About Civil League

Civil League, as an institution, was conceptualized to arm the modern-day civil services aspirant to realize their dream of entering the prestigious public service by providing them a platform of excellence. Our teachers are best in-class, civil services exam qualified personnel, PHDs, and Ex-SSBs, who know how to inspire and transform. Together with subject matter expertise, adequate blend of technology, we seek to create the world’s best program in every examination category we enter.

At A Glance

  • 1-2 months of duration
  • Online with assessment
  • Monthly Skype check-ins

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