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Civil League – Advanced Mains Program (AMP)


The Advanced Mains Program (AMP) is designed and programmed for aspirants already versed with the basics of the exam and requiring advanced mains content. Based on extensive research, the Civil League team has unearthed huge deficiencies in the modern coaching, which insists on rote learning and struggles to adapt study collaterals to map the evolving exam patterns. This results in a huge volume of aspirants, who, despite shining through ‘Prelims’ examination, fall at the penultimate hurdle more than once. AMP puts the onus back on the aspirant to broaden the horizon of an aspirant who has already been exposed to exam fundamentals. Efforts are made to achieve supremacy in examination components, thereby elevating the skillset of an aspirant from an amateur to a seasoned professional by bringing in industry perspective, diversified reding sources, and interlinking with current events of national and international importance.


The program pivots on the learning potential on each aspirant and provides them exposure of the Civil League model, which constitutes the following: Solid Foundational Learning: GS – I-IV Basics, NCERTs; Essay Research and Thought Construction, Optional Basics, Institutional Reports, Worldwide Publication such as Surveys & Findings; Map based illustrative learning methodologies. Accelerated Power Packed Learning: Advanced Paper Based Interpretational Response, reshaping of the International Order based on geopolitical significance, Introduction and deep dives on Theories, and Thinkers, Essay Writing, and Reviews. Consolidation and Test Preparation: High Level summaries of each modules, Simulation based test scenarios, Response Construction such as critically analyze, illustrate, interpret, and contextualize, Advanced Optional Coverage with Summaries/Deep dives, and 100% syllabus coverage.

Course Structure

Leveraging the learning potential of the aspirant, owing to their Prelims exam success, the course is designed to provide a logical extension of concepts learned at the Prelims stage to the Mains stage. Comprehensive Coverage of the exam includes:
  • General Studies, Paper (I-IV)
  • Optional Exam (Paper I-II)
  • Essay Writing
  • Language Examination
Owing to the vast syllabus of the exam, Civil League deploys of team of subject matter experts, ensuring cent per cent coverage of the exam. Thus, we ensure, there isn’t a concept that the aspirant finds alien or is not exposed to. In addition to provide full coverage, Civil League equips each aspirant with the following skillset:
  • Answer Writing - Constructing responses which display clarity, brevity with a firm grasp to present multiple perspectives such as critical reasoning.
  • Graphical Illustration and Diagrammatic Representations - Crafting responses through illustrations and diagrams for solution depth as well as ensuring efficient time management
  • Current Events Linkage - Leveraging current events’ learnings in interpretational response for other areas of the exam

About Civil League

Civil League, as an institution, was conceptualized to arm the modern-day civil services aspirant to realize their dream of entering the prestigious public service by providing them a platform of excellence. Our teachers are best in-class, civil services exam qualified personnel, PHDs, and Ex-SSBs, who know how to inspire and transform. Together with subject matter expertise, adequate blend of technology, we seek to create the world’s best program in every examination category we enter.

At A Glance

  • 6-9 months duration
  • Average of 20 hour per week
  • Max 1:15 Teacher: Pupil Ratio

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