A Civil Services Preparation Academy

A Civil Services Preparation Academy

How do you fundamentally transform a learning ecosystem that empowers an aspirant to address a gap between her/his skillset and the strenuous demands of a modern-day civil servant?

‘Civil League’ was conceptualized to address the civil services aspirant’s real conundrum of choosing the ideal mode of preparation to be selected to the prestigious public service based on their skill-set as against being force fit into run of the mill preparation followed by the hundreds of preparation factories all across India.

Educational evangelists at Civil League firmly believe in sharing the vision of an aspirant. There are no pre-made recipes to crack the Civil Services Examination at our premises. What you’ll find is solid foundation, back-breaking research, and hundreds of hours spent on creating a repertoire that arms an aspirant to tackle an examination that expects the civil servant to address the complex dynamics of the modern world.

The prestigious Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS), and many other national and state civil service posts require an outlook that put the onus on the aspirant to equip themselves with the best literature, attitude, and ethos to be considered fit to serve the nation. Civil League, with the multiple program modules, aim to do just that. Learn more about our mission!

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